Finding the right therapist to work with is very important, and it can be hard to choose between different people and different approaches. So whether you have been recommended or found my page by chance, let me tell you a bit about me and you can see whether you think we might be a good fit.

Professionally, I’ve always been involved with helping others in one capacity or another - from the early days of working as a care assistant, through training and working as a mental health nurse to being involved with training and assessing for the health sector , then completing further training and returning to working with individuals on a one to one basis. It all sounds very straight forward and uncomplicated. From a personal perspective though, like many people, the backdrop to my working life was at times very difficult and challenging, and I was no stranger to stress, anxiety and even depression !

Then one very significant day a few years back, I decided I'd had enough. I remember saying to myself " I want to get off the bus !" Fed up with pretty much everything, I really did feel as if I was stuck on a bus, with no sense of control over where I was heading; understanding I'd reached the point where change was preferable to staying stuck. So I sat and thought about how I'd like my life to be and asked myself loads of questions. Questions like :

“ If you could do anything you wanted to, what would you do?”

“ What would a good day look like ?”

“ What things would you change ?”

“ How would you like to feel ?”

“ Where can you start? “

I finally decided on that day to make some big changes, and I did ! It was challenging and scary, but I broke things down into small steps to start with, and as I got braver, the steps got bigger. In the end, making changes was much easier than I anticipated, and certainly preferable to staying stuck in groundhog day.

Fast forward to the present time and I’m happier, more settled, doing work I’m absolutely passionate about and I don’t regret getting ‘Off The Bus’ for one minute. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner !

Life is dynamic not static, so it will continue to throw spanners into the works every so often, and like everyone, I still have challenges and works in progress . What’s changed for me is how I view life’s challenges and how I deal with them.  

Hopefully you can see that I’m just a normal human being with an understanding of life’s difficulties and a passion for helping others to make positive changes. Every day, I feel hugely privileged to be in a position to work with clients who are ready to make changes to improve their lives.

My way of working has developed over time and incorporates different approaches depending on each individual person and their circumstances, and this includes :



*Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


*Life Coaching

In my experience, the qualifications a person has are not always a good indicator of how effective they are, and I certainly believe my life experiences add as much value to my work as my qualifications do. However, it’s important for you to feel you are in safe hands, so here are my formal qualifications to put your mind at rest, but never underestimate those gut instincts !

So, in no particular order ……

Registered Mental Nurse

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Adult and Further Education Teaching Certificate

D32/33/V1/V2 Assessor and Verifier Qualifications

Certificate in Life Coaching

Diploma in Fitness and Weight Loss

I'm committed to further learning and development and always have a book and/or a course on the go, preferably whilst in my caravan in Devon !!

Want to know more ?

If you want to make changes to your life but don't know where to start, and if you feel I might be the right fit for you, I look forward to hearing from you.

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